How do we stand out from our competitors


How do we stand out from our competitors

It is very easy to buy, seemingly cheap options to build your website.  This is very tempting when you are starting a business or even when you are a few years in.

It takes a leap to face the fact that a good website involves an investment – yet it’s an investment in your shop window, one of the main assets through which people will find you, your business, your products or service – and judge you accordingly. Ask yourself this are you utterly confident that your website says the right things about you and your brand?

As we’ve mentioned in previous blogs, in the long run you will find you haven’t saved money at all, because, often you’ll find that going cheap can prove very expensive. This often happens when you want more functionality on your website which involves more plug-ins, more ‘bits’ and these cost more, or they mean something else now doesn’t work and so on…

We often hear people say, ‘aren’t all website designers ultimately the same?’

Our answer would be a definitive, ‘no’ – our technical skills may be similar however we recognise it’s about ‘you and your business’ first and the technical know-how second.

There are two important mantras we adhere to when it comes to our approach to business – especially your business.

  1. One package does not suit all!

The expression, ‘one package suits all’, definitely does not work for a website. Not if you take your business seriously and want to be perceived as professional.

We do not have the ‘one software package fits all’ philosophy, repeatedly using the same solution, no matter what, for all clients where all of our websites look the same, just tweaked templates.

When a new client approaches us, we take time to listen, to understand their needs.

  • It is important your website has a recognisable layout and contains the right kind of content for your industry or sector. We will do some research on your existing website (if you have one), and/or look at other companies in your business field.
  • We will also then consider who are your customers? What are they expecting to see, read or hear?
  • Are there specific features you would like included? We can advise if you are not sure based on the two points above.
  • Do you want to sell products and/or services on your site – how smart do you want your e-commerce element to be?
  • Do you have special security issues, in terms of working with vulnerable clients, linked with their profession that needs to be addressed when building your site? Do we need to consider a private area, a secure portal or something similar?
  • What does your brand look like and how can it be incorporated into your site, in brand colours, imagery and use of language?
  • Do you want to manage your website, in terms of SEO, or do you require ongoing help with that?
  • Do you need options for automated chat with clients often known as ‘live chat’?
  • We will talk to you about your budget, to ensure you understand costings before starting work on your site. In some cases
  • We can also organise the hosting of the website.
  1. Security is paramount.

As mentioned above, using generic templates may be cheaper, and seem a good idea at the time, but what can be missed is the future maintenance and functionality of the site.

How is it going to be kept safe, secure, functional and fast to load?

Left to run along to its own devices, a cheap, unmaintained site can be building a multitude of problems, and you only know about it when your website crashes or is hacked.

This is the time you then find that you have to pay for extras to get the problem sorted. During the time it takes, and that could be weeks if you are in a queue among 1000s of others globally, you could potentially be losing business.

Website maintenance needs to be undertaken regularly which can be done by your web design company, if that is part of your package with them. However, if not, they will ensure you have the latest systems and plug-ins in place, or train your team how to sort out the problems in an ongoing manner.

If you find yourself in this position, we can help you fix it and keep your website stable!

In the long run we offer excellent value for money, and your website will work harder over a longer period, providing you with a professional platform to be found by new clients. Once you’ve made the commitment you will realise how that investment is one of the best you could make for your business.

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