How secure is your website


How secure is your website

You have a website, and you’re happy with the design, and the layout, but do you know if it is as safe as it could be?

Is your site being patched and kept secure and up to date? Are you confident that it has its SSL certificate? (secure socket layer) From summer this year, Google will penalise insecure websites even more than it does today.

This is important alongside other matters like having a website which is modern, which loads quickly, and which is mobile responsive. Most people these days access information via tablets and smartphones.

Five reasons why you should keep your website secure?

  • For first-time visitors to your site, if they are met with a security alert message, they are extremely unlikely to come back. They won’t trust leaving their personal financial details on your site, which is obviously vital for those businesses selling products and making sales transactions. A secure website protects your customers’ information.
  • Website security measures are needed to protect your ranking on Google and other search engines. Google will not interact with an insecure website making your visibility so low, it’s almost not worth having a website at all.
  • A secure website is good for your brand image and reputation. It not only gives first-time visitors confidence in your business, it does the same with existing customers.
  • Although, the https and a padlock does mean that the site is secured with a digital SSL certificate, which is good, it only tells you about security for communications. However, having SSL certification is a requirement for PCI compliance. You need more than this certificate to be truly secure.
  • If your website is hacked by malware or similar the time spent sorting out the problems can cost you time, money and of course customers and sales. Indeed, this sort of hacking can destroy a business.

How can we keep your site secure?

We ensure:

  • the site has internet security software installed.
  • the website is backed up and safely stored.
  • all sites have SSL (green padlock) certificates, for secure communication
  • that we use stable secure web servers, managed and maintained in the UK. A reliable optimised web-server usually means it is modern, up-to-date and therefore very secure.
  • we use current up-to-date PHP and MySQL software – particularly for e-commerce websites
  • we give our customers support and guidance for their website’s privacy policy and cookie notification.
  • we use the latest, updated patches, provided by software vendors, to fix performance bugs, and provide enhanced security features against malware, hacking and other weaknesses.

Website performance isn’t just about desk top computers. We use technology in a variety of ways and now view websites on mobile and handheld technology, i.e .smart phones, tablets etc. This gives you instant access to businesses products and services at any time, from anywhere in the world.

However, the downside is that this also increases risk from malware, ransomware, hacking, scammers, and spammers. Therefore, your site needs to have all of the security features in place.

Our clients are from a wide range of backgrounds, who all have different needs for their websites.

They include groups or societies that have memberships; shops where the company sell their products online; companies who provide training; business who provide services and many more.

The one thing all of these websites have in common is, they know their websites are secure and up-to-date with the latest patches and security programs protecting any vulnerabilities within programs.

Customers are often irritated by the most minor issues with regards to performance, so imagine how they would feel if you had a major security issue – they are not likely to visit your site again.

If you are uncertain about your website, then please talk to us and we can make sure it is kept up to date so you have peace of mind.

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