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Web Design Swindon

What is web design?

Web design is a major factor in web development that focuses on the user’s experience. Web design is one of the most important things that a user would see in a website as it quite literally defines the appearance of your brand to users that might want to browse or purchase an item.

Web design focuses on the layout, meaning the way a web page would look like. And as a customer, this determines a lot – from how easily they can navigate through the site and how they perceive your brand.

This is why companies invest heavily on web design

A branch of web design is all about how the information of the web page is given and organised. Whether it would be factual information being placed at the top of the web page or the charts of data for your web page.

An excellent web page would be really easy to navigate on the web page, aesthetically appealing, and fits the brand’s website.

A lot of web pages would focus on the simplicity of the web page. This way the users of the website will be able to completely focus on the information or data that they are reading from.

The most important part of web design is to reduce as much of the frustration of the users when they use the web page. The more the user’s experience is enhanced, the more web designers are happy with their work.

Since web design will be one of the first things that a user will see on your web site, do you want us to enhance that for you? Well here at Foucs Web Studio, we can create the design for you or the design that you want to see in your web article. Contact us today and we can schedule you in!

The elements that you would need to think of for web design

When you will start creating your web page you would need to start thinking about the elements that you will incorporate into your website. Your website would need to be easy to navigate and nice to look at.

With all of this information, it will make it easier for you and your future users to navigate and enjoy your webpages.

Written work or content

The importance of having things written in text is for your content to look well-put together and organised. One could say that this is the base of your web page. This will be the start of your web article and the one that will make your web page complete.

Write the base of the article or web page properly so your article will be able to reach the people with concise and informative ideas.


Pick a font that will go nicely with the aesthetics of your webpage. If you choose weird and unreadable fonts, clients will look elsewhere instead.

The fonts that you will choose can match with the pictures and graphs that you will choose. Choosing proper fonts will enhance the experience of users. With everything complimenting together it will look even better than before.

Get nice fonts to go with your articles and web pages. Do not overlook this step because it is one of the main things that enhance the web page.

Choosing colors

Colors are one of the most important things to consider in a website. It can provide good contrast to your web pages.

With colors, it creates great immersion for the users and provides a great application of the psychology of colors.

What is the psychology of colors you ask? The psychology of colors is the study of how people would react to the impression of the brand or the persuasion that it begets based on the colors of it.

With both of these parts working together, you can set your tone that you want to provide to your readers. Make sure to add the correct color vibrancy to the message that you want to convey.


A good layout should provide functionality and the ability for your readers to use your website efficiently.

There aren’t really rules to produce the layout of articles, however there are some restrictions so that the layout of your article won’t be ruined.

Avoid using overly distracting types of layouts. When your layout is too distracting, people won’t be able to focus on your web page and can get distracted with the information that you are trying to show.


Graphic elements are a very important part of being able to do Web Design. It allows the people who create the web page to add on various images and text.

With proper usage of shapes and colors, the website will be able to make the readers immerse themselves within the web page, while at the same time enjoy the text and images that your web page provides.

Proper spacing

With proper spacing, the website’s accessibility is further enhanced, making it easier for people to navigate through the website and read the content easily. You see, a really consistent website allows the users to read or navigate your website with ease.

Creating a good article is a balance between text, images, graphics and space. The idea of blank white spaces is used by modern web designers and looks really nice.

Icons and images

With very good image designs and icons, your website can easily provide a lot of information to benefit clients and those browsing. Using images helps further strengthen the information that you are trying to provide. With a simple use of Google, you are able to search for a lot of images for you to use.

Just be careful though, as the images that you are about to use might not be for free or allowed to be used without permission. You can find free images that are related to your website on https://pixabay.com/.


Adding videos to web pages has been getting popular in recent years as more and more people are inclined to watch videos rather than read words. Having videos in your web page allows people to view a video related to your company for a few seconds or minutes and can immediately understand the information immediately.

Make sure to not make your videos too distracting from your article’s content. Your videos might be too lively and may completely redirect your audience’s attention away from the rest of your article.

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